FAQs, Instructions and Notices

Video instructions

More instructions and usage

1. Identify the area you want to apply the jewel.
2. Clean it with just water and neutral soap and wait until the skin is dry.
3. Gently remove the transparent plastic support from the jewel.
4. Put the jewel on the skin with the white paper on the top.
5. Press the paper until the tattoo adheres to the skin.
6. Dab with a sponge soaked in water until the top card slips away (do not force the peeling).
7. Allow the jewel to dry naturally.
8. You are now a jewel. Enjoy the world’s most luxury jewel directly on your skin.

The temporary jewels are made to last on average 7 days, depending on skin, application area, sweat, etc. If you want to remove them in advance, use an alcoholic based cosmetic detergent and rub with a sponge till removal.

Jewels should be stored in a shady, dry and not dusty place. Do not detach it from its protective layer if not for final use.

Temporary skin jewels are specific for the skin. Do not place it on eyes, hair or genitals.

24 Carats Gold, Silver 999, Acrylic Copolimer. May Contain Dextrin and Other Ingredients.

Other notices

1. Refunds would be allowed if packet is unopened.
2. We take no responsibility if the item inclosed may cause an allergic reaction.