Temporary self-applied precious tattoos

GoldSin Jewels

An absolute novelty in the luxury cosmetic landscape

Made in pure gold or silver through a proprietary technology, they are designed to be worn on the skin for special events, evenings, ceremonies, or just for fun. They can be easily applied by the final customer with the use of water, just like the tattoos for kids. The structure of a GoldSin Jewel is that of a typical temporary tattoo: it’s made up by a paper support, that functions with hydro-soluble molecules; a thin 24 carats gold film, or other precious metals or alloies; a biocompatible adhesive layer that guarantees adherence to the skin. GoldSin Jewels are available in different designs, from floral motives, perfect for arms and back, up to smaller but not less impressive ideograms, butterflies and stars. Due to its uniqueness, to its innovative nature and to low selling costs, the product has high potential impact on fashion, jewelry and cosmetic market at a global level.​